DiverseCity is launching the first-ever, long overdue, mobile platform to tackle the subjects of DEI and all other social prejudices. DiverseCity’s patent-pending technology is focused on creating a safe, educational environment for any type of institution, company, or organization. Using the latest in engagement techniques, DiverseCity is revolutionary in its ability to stimulate long-term, sustainable change. Instead of legacy techniques such as corporate “checkboxes” or one-week workshops, DiverseCity offers an ongoing culturally conscious system to ensure that the topics remain a focal point for as long as the app is in use.

DiverseCity is on the forefront of introducing behavioral modification techniques while leveraging mobile technology to deliver and foster the necessary content, and gamification mechanics to reach our overall mission. CEO and Founder of DiverseCity, Jahmad Canley explains the impact of DiverseCity as, “One of the missing links to true transformation on the topics of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion of all kind. In my time working in this important field, I have learned that people first need knowledge/education and then a community to discuss and practice what they have learned. DiverseCity provides both.”

Company Description:

DiverseCity helps companies to successfully implement truly engaging ongoing DEI and other systemic oppressions on a mobile enterprise platform. These socially-driven activities promote cultural education and inclusion. DiverseCity developed gamification techniques that create conditions for students and employees to learn.

You can learn more about DiverseCity here:

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