The Lead Up Program

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In today’s fast-paced and ever changing world, building effective leaders requires equipping all people in an organization with specific skills to foster ongoing adaptation, the bravery to embrace disequilibrium, the head and heart to create inclusive and equitable workspaces and to develop new leaders to step up and in to create novel solutions.

Lead Up is a one-year cohort program, designed by Potential Unleashed, that joins diverse leaders, from throughout the entire organization, to lead courageously and to transcend organizational silos and titles to increase success and mission alignment.

This intensive, unique program creates the container that provides opportunities for leaders to build trust, connect across difference, develop skills in consensus building and collaborative leadership and discover how to co-create and leverage adaptive solutions to solve pressing challenges.

People are encouraged to examine their perspectives about the tenets of effective leadership and establish a shared foundation throughout the organization.

The Lead Up program combines new skills and individual and team development and expands the ability for leaders to adapt and thrive in today’s world and to lean into tomorrow’s.

We create equitable, inclusive, purpose-driven and highly functioning individuals and workplace teams.

Unleash your organizations’ potential with the investment in Lead Up.

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